The archival fonds and collections that are preserved at the Old Seminary of Saint-Sulpice cover many aspects of the history of the Society of Saint-Sulpice, the city of Montréal, Québec, Canada, North America, Latin America, and Asia.

These archives testify to the international influence of the Society in various fields of activity. As far as Québec is concerned, they shed light on the missions to the Aboriginals, on the administration of seigneuries (Montréal and the surrounding regions), parishes and churches, as well as on the training of diocesan priests.

Among the main institutional fonds preserved are those of the Compagnie des Prêtres de Saint-Sulpice de Montréal, the Collège de Montréal, the Grand Séminaire de Montréal, the Séminaire de Philosophie, the Collège André-Grasset and the Université de Montréal.

Other archival fonds attest to the privileged link that the Sulpicians had with the arts and culture. In this regard, let us consider, for example, the Œuvre des bons livres, the Cabinet de lecture paroissial, the Cercle Ville-Marie and the Bibliothèque Saint-Sulpice.

The private fonds, coming from individuals and groups, recall in a particular way the actions carried out by the Sulpicians in their functions and in their personal lives. These fonds have been bequeathed in large part by Sulpician priests born in Québec, such as Olivier Maurault, Jacques Trudel, André Naud, Maximilien Lacombe, and René Marinier.

Grouped in 610 fonds and 3 collections, the Sulpician archives consist of approximately 500 linear meters of textual documents, nearly 60,000 iconographic items, more than 2,000 maps, plans and technical specifications, as well as sound and film recordings.

Livre terrier de la seigneurie de l’Île de Montréal, vol. 1, 1654-1899, PSSM, P1:26.11.

Land register of the seigneury of the Island of Montréal, vol. 1, 1654-1899, PSSM, P1:26.11.

List of collections

The complete list of fonds and collections reflects the diversity of the Sulpician archives. Please contact us for a more detailed search of our catalog.

Indigenous Language Manuscripts

The project to digitize manuscripts on indigenous languages, carried out between 2022 and 2023, is part of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032) decreed by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).


This section presents a selection of documents and images from our archives.

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Part of a vault at the Old Seminary of Saint-Sulpice, PSSM. Photo : Fannie Dionne, historian (2022).

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